How to Fix Silk Browser Problems on Kindle Fire (Solved)

Fix Silk Browser Problems on Kindle Fire – Are you having problems using the Silk Browser on Amazon Kindle? Don’t worry because you can fix it! The fast solution offers a convenient way to enjoy browser benefits. Additional fees might apply if you hire an expert to help you. Why not do the solution yourself? Before you do that, here are the important things that you need to do before you begin:

Fix Silk Browser Problems on Kindle Fire

Connect Your Device to the Wireless Network

Do not speed up the solution process if your wireless connection is unstable. You cannot use Silk Browser if your Kindle device does not have a stable Wireless Network connection.

Turn off Parental Control

Some applications on your device will not function if Parental Control does not turn off. So, you swipe at the top of the screen and select Settings. Then, you press Parental Control. You can also enter the Parental Control password.

Note: The password you type is different from your screen PIN or password. So, here is an effective solution to make sure you use Amazon Kindle very well.

The Silk Browser Will Not Be Broken or Open

You find it difficult if the browser does not want to crash or open. Yes, it’s easy to fix. You must clear cache and cookies.

Here are some steps that you must take:

  1. You choose Silk Brower and go to the left side and choose History.
  2. Next, you tap the Trash icon.
  3. Then, you can choose Cookies and Site Data. From here, you can see Cached Images and other files. You make sure that nothing else is chosen to make this process successful.
  4. Now you tap Delete Data.
  5. You swipe on the left and choose Settings.
  6. After this, you can type Advanced and then Site Settings.
  7. Finally, you make sure these are all selected:
    • The camera is Ask First
    • Location Blocked
    • Cookies Allowed
    • The microphone is Ask First
    • Popup Blocked
    • Automatic Media Playback Allowed

Adobe Flash content will not play

Silk Browser Problems on Kindle Fire

This problem occurs when a site presents the following in the Silk Browser:

  1. There is an error message
  2. No flush icon
  3. There are options that take you to the mobile or non-Flash version

However, if you still have problems viewing websites using Adobe Flash, you can switch to mobile display. Here are very good tips for you to do this:

  1. You tap the Menu icon in the Silk Browser.
  2. You now choose another display, then tap Phone.

There are also sites that offer you compatible applications for Silk Browser. You can check this on Amazon Kindle Support and get the best results. You should also note that not all sites are compatible with reading views. So you have to make sure Reading View is compatible with the site.

The Silk Browser problem has a simple solution. It is up to you to implement the solution. You must remember to follow the guidelines to improve success. Try it now! Hopefully this article can help your problem. Thanks for visiting.

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