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Introduction to Photography – Types of Photography

Photography is an art by which people capture moments and that moment becomes memory of a lifetime. Starting out with photography life becomes more productive, creative and full of new discoveries.

Learning photography at early ages without proper guidance, confused advices from fellows, misleading expensive camera equipment. All of these lead to a DEAD END of an individual’s career in photography. All you need is patience because photography requires real patience when it comes for taking photographs or learning photography or looking up for assignments.

Different types or forms of photography –

  1. Aerial Photography.
  2. Architectural Photography.
  3. Fashion Photography.
  4. Drone Photography.
  5. Wedding Photography.
  6. Product Photography.
  7. Candid Photography.
  8. Travel Photography.
  9. Wildlife Photography.
  10. Documentary Photography.
  11. Forensic Photography.
  12. Food Photography.
  13. Landscape Photography.
  14. Portrait Photography.
  15. Photojournalism Photography.
  16. Conceptual or Fine Arts Photography.
  17. Long Exposure Photography.
  18. Sports Photography.
  19. Street Photography.

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