How to Setup and Enable Parental Controls Kindle Fire

Parental controls kindle fire – I was in fire tablet how-to article so in today’s article we’re going to be looking at setting up parental controls now these tablets are cheap and as parents. You may buy your children you can do a lot of things with our homework and watch videos, play games and etc, but you might want a bit more control over what they can actually do while they use that’s habit which is important you won’t want them seeing something they shouldn’t so it has features built in for this. Read also: How to Factory Reset Kindle Fire.

How to Setup Parental Controls Kindle Fire

Step 1: You go to settings so you’ve got devices none of that personal so your unit is group.

parental controls kindle fire

Step 2: Let’s go to parental controls so this tablet does have this functionality.

parental controls kindle fire

Step 3: You might not know it but it does so we have the set password to enable this us do that so I’m going to set QWERTY or seed want to set something that the kids couldn’t guess et cetera and on here you can change the password you can disable.

parental controls kindle fire

If you disable parental control the last few password against it. I’ll see stop one of the children I think just turning it off by themselves and this is all the stuff you can control for example:

There’s one here where it’ll ask you for a password to unlock this tablet scheduled time safety but if you’ve got a child that’s using it when it should be in bed or that weekend.

parental controls kindle fire

When you might be doing something else that’s quite good for that one your password to protect purchases that’s handy for save your money.

parental controls kindle fire

These are the amazon content and apps as you can see that this is these apps here like the main apps that are on it alexa and all that stuff.

parental controls kindle fire

So I hope that helps and there’s also a monitor session here. That was an article about Parental Controls on Kindle Fire. If you have questions don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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