How to Fix No Sound on Kindle Fire HD

How to fix no sound on Kindle Fire HD and HDX Tablet even unexpectedly, it can still sell perfectly. Fireplace tablets are definitely a good hardware that can be bought with your money, but when you sell it at such a volume, the problem is sure to occur. Almost all mos occur when the Amazon Fire tablet has no sound.

No Sound on Kindle Fire

In terms of user feedback for Fire tablets, there are no sound problems that occur when using speakers or headphones although not always both. There are only a few troubleshooting steps we need for audio problems and this is a fairly high level. After completion, you accept to replace the speakers or even the tablet itself.

Before getting it, let’s solve the Fire tablet’s audio problem.

Hardware problem

Checkout now your hardware on kindle fire. Get follow instruction on below:

Check the volume level

This might sound very clear but you will be surprised by the number of people who ignore the simplest pf check. The volume level button takes the surface with the Fire tablet and can be accidentally pressed quickly. Test the volume level by pressing the volume level button up times. You need to start seeing the volume slider on the screen reflecting progress and ideally you now need to hear the press playing.

Try headphones and internal speakers

The Kindle Fire has two different channels where you can produce sound: through the headphone jack, and through the onboard speaker.

First, plug a pair of headphones into the jack to see if there’s sound through the line, then unplug the headphones to see if the speaker on board is working. If one works but not the other, then the problem is whether the onboard speaker itself, the headphone jack, or maybe the pair of headphones you are using. You might want to try other headphones and jacks to test to see if the particular headphones or jack you are using is the cause of the problem.

Check the headphones seat

The headphone socket is very weak, so make sure when you connect your headphones that they sit securely in the socket.

The special shape of the two means the jack plugs must be securely in place and must be clear when they are properly connected. This is not always the case, so do a visual check and try pushing the jack plug further without overdoing it.

Test a different pair of headphones

If you have more than one set of headphones, swap it out to test it. Or, try your headphones on another device to prove that it works. Any device will do as long as you know the audio works on the headphones that you are testing your Fire on.

Software Problems with your Kindle Fire

If this is not a hardware problem, then the problem is in the software. Here are a few things to determine if it’s a software problem that causes your Fire to not have audio.

Try a variety of media

Another easy troubleshooting tips is to always try different media. If you watch videos, try MP3, if you are online, try Pandora. Get a number of different types of media to make sure it’s a tablet or even a speaker before expanding many problem-solving efforts.

Restart the Kindle Fire tablet

Forcing a soft reboot can temporarily fix software problems. Here’s how to restart your Fire:

  1. Hold the power button for 20 seconds until the screen goes dark.
  2. Wait a few seconds to make sure it is fully turned off.
  3. Press and hold the power button again to start.

Factory Reset your Kindle Fire

If all else fails, first back up your data because a factory reset will erase everything.

Backing up your data is easy. Just follow these steps to backup your Kindle Fire:

  1. First, you must Swipe down from the home screen and tap Settings button
  2. Tap Device Options
  3. Tap Backup & Restore
  4. Turn on Device Backup
  5. Tap Backup Now

After your Kindle Fire is backed up safely, follow the steps in this post Factory Reset on Kindle Fire.

Final Words

If you have tried all the suggestions in this article and your Kindle Fire still doesn’t have a working audio, then, unfortunately, the problem may be one that you cannot fix yourself.

If your Fire is under warranty, you can get a replacement tablet from Amazon. If not, you have to fix it or find a replacement tablet. Thanks for visiting.

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