Kindle Fire Won’t Connect to WiFi

Kindle fire won’t connect to wifi – There are several possible reasons that can prevent your Kindle Fire HD or HDX from connecting to an available Wi-Fi network. If you are tired of trying all the click and trial troubleshooting methods that you know to fix the Kindle will not be connected to the Wi-Fi problem, because nothing works for you.

Then this post will make you learn about how to connect your Kindle to a Wi-Fi network perfectly. When you read the post to the last one, you might find a step that you missed or might do the wrong way.

Kindle Won't Connect to WiFi

Always remember the fact that you have set up, Kindle Wi-Fi was connected correctly before, and now it’s problematic, first I’ll explain some troubleshooting tricks that can work to resolve Kindle not going to connect to Wi-Fi problems.

Why isn’t my Kindle connected to the Internet?

Before connecting to the internet, check the following:

  • Working on the Internet

Basically, you must first ensure that your internet is functioning properly and quickly by checking the connectivity status of other internet devices. For any failures in internet service, you should contact your ISP first.

  • Airplane Mode is off

How many of you have done this one of the most common but stupid mistakes? You accidentally turned on airplane mode and because of the same thing you are facing this kind of error. So first make sure that you have turned off airplane mode.

  • Correct WiFi Password

Sometimes the wrong password and WiFi id are the reason behind the problem you are currently facing. So make sure you have entered the correct ID and password. If you forget your ID and password and don’t know how to change it, you better call the help telephone number instead of going for a walk on the internet.

  • Device Software

Most people don’t update device software from time to time. Remember! Your device must work on an updated software version. Update every time a new software version is available for download and update instantly to feel the kindle perfectly.

When you have finished checking all this, you have made your Kindle ready to connect to Wi-Fi successfully.

Kindle Wont Connect to WIFI

Following I shared a short tutorial, which will help you connect Kindle Fire to Wi-Fi in minutes.

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Step 1: Make sure your Wi-Fi router is turned on and connected to the Internet. You can confirm this by looking at the router device. All lights must blink including the Internet signal lights.

Step 2: Double check that you haven’t activated Airplane mode on the Kindle Fire. Airplane mode automatically disables the option to use the Internet through wireless resources such as Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Make sure Wi-Fi is on by going into other wireless parts. Wait until it is completely connected to your connection.

Step 4: Restart your Kindle Fire by turning it off and on again.

Step 5: Your Wi-Fi will be connected automatically if your Kindle finds a connection.

Step 6: If your Kindle Fire still cannot find your internet connection, then download an application such as a Wi-Fi analyzer application, which will help you confirm that your internet channel is not busy.

Final words

If the steps mentioned above don’t work for you, go with the last Kindle Reset Device:

  1. On your Home screen.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Now, select the Menu option again.
  4. Select Reset Device.
  5. After the device reboots, you must set up the Wi-Fi network on your Kindle again from the start.

Before performing a factory reset task, make sure your Kindle is fully charged. Additionally, performing a factory reset will erase all local settings, data and adjustments.

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