How to Lock Screen on Kindle Fire (Guide 2020)

How to Lock Screen on Kindle Fire HD: How do you protect the Amazon Kindle Fire HD password? Restrict entry to your Kindle Fire HD by setting a lock screen password ’password. After setting, you must enter your own password every time the product is turned off or even in sleep mode.

How to Lock Screen on Kindle Fire

How to protect your Kindle Fire HD password

  1. Swipe down from top of screen.
  2. Select ‘More’
  3. Tap ‘Security’
  4. Find ‘Password Lock Screen’ and tap ‘Active’.
  5. Now enter your password, the length must be at least 4 characters. Letters and numbers can be used.
  6. Select ‘Next’ and tap ’Finish’ which will verify your password.

Set up Lock Screen PIN

To protect your applications and data from prying eyes, it is recommended to set a Lock Screen PIN on your Kindle Fire. Look at the steps needed below.

  1. Open the Lock Screen menu and select the “Security & Privacy” option, the following window gives you the option to “Change Passcode”. Tap the option and set a combination of special characters, letters, and / or numbers. There is also a PIN option that allows you to choose a four digit code to unlock your device.
  2. Type your password or PIN, re-enter the combination, and select Done to confirm.

Note: Select a password which you can remember easily. But you should avoid combinations that break easily like your birthday, for example.

Tips Menu Screen Lock

The Lock Screen setting allows you to disable or enable Lock Screen notifications. You can also choose the time it takes for the device to lock itself automatically. Don’t hesitate to keep the auto-lock under thirty seconds to prevent someone from accessing your device when left unattended.

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Get Your Lock Screen Kindle Fire

Whatever way you look at it, changing your Kindle Fire Lock Screen is very easy. The only thing that is annoying is that you have to pay to delete the ad. But when you think about it, the same principle applies to other software that displays advertisements.

That was the article about How to Lock Screen on Kindle Fire HD. If you have questions, feel free to contact us in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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