How to Factory Reset Kindle Fire

I want to show you how to reset your Kindle Fire HD back to factory settings and it’s literally a super quick to two-step process. So this is the easiest way to return Kindle Fire to factory settings.

How to Factory Reset Kindle Fire

Why reset factory settings? This is usually a kindle fire running slow, a lot of viruses, or suddenly the phone restarts itself, and others. There are so many reasons why smartphones need to be factory reset.

The following is a way to restore kindle fire to factory settings.

Method 1: How to Factory reset kindle fire

Step 1: What you’re going to do is pull your menu down right here and then you’re going to go to more.

Step 2: Then you want to come down to my account and then you want to tap deregister ok. Then it’s going to say your Kindle Fire will be deregister from your Amazon account this may remove some content from your device and many features will not work items you purchase from an Amazon store will remain available in the Amazon Cloud and can be downloaded to your compatible devices registered to your Amazon account after the registering. You can register your Kindle Fire to another account.

Step 3: Alright so tap do you deregister.

What that’s going to do is basically remove all of your information and your account and so it actually see it takes it right back to factory settings that quick So it’s like this when you buy it for the first time, it breaks down the different areas and once it’s done. There you are alright so after you have deregistered your Kindle Fire.

Method 2: Factory reset kindle fire

Step 1: The next thing you want to do is you’re going to go down to your settings here go to more.

Step 2: Come down to device.

Step 3: You want to go here where it says reset to factory default removes all personal data from your device now here’s one note in order to factory reset your battery has to be over 40 percent. So make sure it’s charged up if not you won’t be able to do it okay now go ahead and hit factory reset that now says you are about to reset your Kindle. Your Kindle to factory defaults which will remove all your personal information Amazon account information downloaded content applications.

Step 4: Do you want to continue press erase everything.

Step 5: What it’s going to do now is actually going to shut itself down. It’s going to erase all the data on the Kindle then it’s going to take all the the drivers all the information that comes with it. It’s going to then pull that back on there that it’ll look the way it did when you first bought it right out of the box. So we’ll give it a couple seconds, just so you can kind of see the whole process of what happens here it’s going to watch a little line go across right. So do it pretty quick still not done yet. Almost put up again and that’s my phone with it’s also notifications all right. So I almost done here again that’s just doing the last weeks of the reset let’s close it process is pretty quick and again if you want to sell your Kindle.

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If you want to return back to the store, if you want to give it away to someone else you just wanna I usually recommend to factory reset it deregister your account. So all your information is off of there because if not someone could possibly use your account to buy under your name your graded course. So it’s pump up precaution safety type of thing just to cover yourself you’re going to give it a way overturn it or do whatever so and again we’re just about at the end and there it is and this is the first reading of the Kindle when it asked you to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

So I hope you can easily reset back to factory settings. If this is useful, please share it with your social media. If you have questions don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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