How to Enable Flash Player on Kindle Fire

I want to show you how to enable flash player on Kindle Fire or just other Android tablets as well, so I know I’m using a Chrome browser as you can see. I’m trying to play a flash game but this plugin is not supported. So what we’ll be doing is going through a few steps to show you how to actually get this game enabled as well as other Flash content so on your Kindle.

First thing you want to do is go to the settings and we’re going to go ahead and go into applications and right up here apps from unknown sources make sure this is enabled so check that on the next thing. We’re going to do on our device is install to applications outside of the App Store one is called Dolphin Browser and the other is add-on to the browser called dolphin jetpack.

How to Install Dolphin and Enable Flash Player on Kindle

Dolphin Browser is a very popular mobile browser outside of Chrome or or your stock browser like silk and it’s actually the only one that supports flash well the version of Flash. We’re going to be using so to install these applications you actually have to enable unknown sources like we already did then use a service like apk downloader which lets you place a Google Play link in the service and it generates you an apk download link that you can download straight from your device.

You can email it to yourself or you can use an android drawer I believe it’s called Android drawer and you can actually search and find Dolphin Browser on there so this is Android drawer so you just go ahead and install it I actually already have it installed. So let’s go ahead and show you the next step so as you can see.

Step 1: I already have Dolphin Browser and dolphin jetpack installed on my device so the next thing.

Step 2: We’re going to do is head into the application and adjust some settings top right here this little dolphin little setting sign.

Flash Player on Kindle Fire

Step 3: We’re going to make sure jetpack is enabled now this only pops up when you have jetpack also installed.

Enable Flash Player on Kindle Fire

Step 4: Then you’re going to go down to web content and write rich this flash player make sure it says always on.

Enable Flash Player on Kindle Fire

Step 5: Now in the guide there is a link to a modded version of Adobe Flash. Open Dolphin Browser and select this link to install Adobe Flash Player 11.1 modded for Android files. It’s important that this is done inside Dolphin, not Silk.

Flash Player on Kindle Fire

Step 6: Now that you have installed Flash Player on Dolphin, you can try the Flash Player test found online, or try playing a Flash game or video that you want to see if the process is successful.

Install Flash Player on Kindle Fire

That was an article about Flash Player on Kindle Fire. If you have questions, please contact us in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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